Cure for Hellatus – #4 Rising Son

Sorry for the light posting.  I’m in the process of moving and besides being really busy, I’m also going to lose internet access for awhile.  Since the latest issue of the SN comic came out today, I figure I should try and catch up before I’m off.

The first 2 covers to Rising Son (RS) were awesome.  #2 alone is going to go into my hall of fame as “everything you need to know about Supernatural”.  The third issue wasn’t bad, but had Dean looking frightened while holding a gun.  But he shouldn’t be.  Dean should always look determined.  Issue 4 starts off with evocative simplicity: Sam staring into a mirror.  It’s not bad it’s just… typical – something we’ve seen a dozen times in other mediums over the years.

This issue has a lot of things coming to a head.  John finally confronts a gang of hunters who are intent on killing Sam.  John kills most of them, then he and the leader have a bit of cat and mouse before Dean finally steps up and puts the head hunter down.

I’m not sure how to feel about this issue.  For one thing, it reads like a comic edition of Hunted with John added in.  It also seemed out of character for a lot of people.  Whatever else Dean may have felt toward Gordon, he always left the hunter alive (at least, until Gordon became a vampire, then Sam got to decapitate him).  It always seemed that hunters in general should be reluctant to kill any human, especially other hunters but in this one, half a dozen are slaughtered without hesitation.  (a character even brings this up to John – still the others are after a kid!)  The reveal of how the other hunters got their information about Sam is also shaky.

I guess that’s my biggest problem with this issue.  With four it feels like the comic series is now a part of season 2 all over again and continuity errors are starting to gather. (after all this – how can Dean not know about his brother’s terrible secret, which he didn’t learn until “In My Time of Dying“?)  Not to mention, how was John Winchester so respected through the hunter community if he slaughtered all these others?

All in all, I this issue was pretty disappointing.  Other than the reveal of who’s been following the Winchesters (it was an albino hunter), almost nothing happened in it story wise.  You might even be able to skip the issue and go on to 5.  We’ll see next time…

John’s Body Count:
5 hunters.

Not really acceptable there.

Good action and a rather heartwarming ending kept this issue from a 1 shell stinker.
Here’s hoping the last two issues go out with a bang.

Hunt well…


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