Cure for Hellatus – #3 Rising Son

When we last left the Winchesters, they were trying to have a normal life. At least until Sam was kidnapped and now John is trying to get him back.

The comic starts out with Dean stumbling into the battle in the train-yard crossroads. John is forced to hold off the demon taking Sam and the giant junk monster she’s summoned while Dean reads the exorcism. The boys saved, John calls Bobby but before they reach South Dakota, Sam runs into a Mysterious StrangerTM.

Talking with Bobby, John gets wind of a psychic who might be able to help but find the man in a coma. Well, a coma that breaks when John Winchester enters the room (yep, he’s so bad-ass even coma victims wake up to shake his hand). With a warning to train his children, John takes Dean hunting the next morning – except it’s normal hunting this time, just for a deer.

Thus at the midway point of the series we finally get to the beginning of the boys’ path. At first it appeared that the “Rising Son” of the series title is referring to Sam but now we see signs that the title might also be referring to Dean’s ascension and growth into the next family patriarch. I won’t spoil how this ends but you should find this issue and check out one of the most shocking final panels I’ve seen in a long time.

John’s Body Count:
Demon-possessed teacher
2-story tall Junk monster

Starting off with action, getting to see Bobby and finally seeing the boys begin their training make this issue a solid:

Till next time, keep hunting…


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