Supernatural – A fan history

Not endorsed or based on anything other than my fevered imagination and some clues here and there in the show. Probably the closest I’ll ever get to a fan fic.

In the beginning was Man. But Man was not alone; demons and creatures of the night fed upon him. So Man turned to the priests and shamans, that they might appease the evil. Until Moses came and taught the Jews how to fight the darkness instead. Now the creatures sought shelter among the nations, offering supernatural aid in exchange for shelter. Time passed and nations fought each other, slaughtering their citizens as well as the supernatural that hid within their borders.

Until Christ.

Considered by some to have been the ultimate hunter, He gave Man new weapons to fight with. He told the secrets to banishing demons back to hell, blessing water that it might burn them, and much more. As Christianity spread, more chose to walk the path of the hunter and free Man from the slavery of fear. Knights Templar, Inquisitors and countless others hunted down evil in all its forms. They traveled to other lands to rid them of evil, and through it all, recorded their knowledge, their learnings for future generations of hunters.

But time passed and the hunter became victim to his own success. Man no longer had to fear the dark, and as he feared less, he remembered less. So Man labeled the old stories, the old memories as “superstitions” and “myths” that he might forget the dark times of his past. The people drove the hunters out, not wanting to be reminded that the stories were real.

But their hope didn’t change the fact that the old tales were real. The things that went bump in the night were still around, and as long as they lived, so would hunters.

So today the hunters hide as well as their prey, protecting those who hate to see them, but know that they are needed. Perhaps one day a hunter will save your life. Thank them, and salute their long and noble history.


6 thoughts on “Supernatural – A fan history

      • Well, you know what I mean.

        Sweet. I went to the video shop today. They have Supernatural. I might get a summer job there just so I don’t have to spend three bucks every time I want to watch the next four episodes.

        In the meantime, I got out The Illusionist. Looks good.

      • Oh I’m sorry. You’ll find Supernatural a much better investment than the Illusionist. Though even fans admit the 1st season is a rough start. If you can make it to S2, you’re mind will be blown.

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