Cure for Hellatus – #2 Rising Son

Issue 2 of the Rising Son comic series starts off with one of the coolest covers ever. John Winchester is covered with blood and standing with a gun under the spray painted words: “School Play tonight 7 30”. If I had to pick just one image that summed up Supernatural as a whole, I think this cover would be it.

The issue starts with the Winchesters settling in to a little community – seems John wants to give his boys a bit of normalcy. Sam gets a hot teacher, Ms Lyle, while John gets a job calling people about overdue mortgage payments. (from hunter to telemarketer? no John!) Poor Dean meanwhile is not adjusting well at all, probably because he can’t forget the forces out there that took his mother. And he may be right after all…

The second part of the Rising Son story certainly elicits our sympathies for the Winchester family. They just can’t leave the life of the hunter. John finally gets laid since his wife’s death but the woman’s an evil just trying to get close enough to take Sam. This incident and the succubi from the previous issue goes a long way to explain why John was so loyal to Mary (she’s the only woman he could ever trust). Dean begins to show the instincts that will serve him when he becomes a hunter himself. Unfortunately John isn’t training his sons yet, but the closing panel hints that he’s about to. All total this issue is more of a set up and look at “a day in the life of” the Winchesters and less straight out action. There is still some though and the final pages promise a good showdown in issue 3.

John’s Body Count
One demon-possessed little old lady.  After the hardcore John of issue 1, that’s a little disappointing.  We’ll have to dock a salt shell.

Still worth your $3 if you find it at your comic shop.  Will things keep going down or will they improve?

Till next time.  Hunt well…


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