Cure for Hellatus – #1 Rising Son

Now that I’ve gotten caught up on all my other hiatus materials, I can start on what I’ve really been looking forward to: the 2nd Supernatural comic, this one titled “Rising Son”. For a few days here I’ll be examining each one and then once the series is over, we’ll see how it did as a whole.

Issue 1

First thing you’ll notice is that the art is more of a traditional comic book style and not at all like the previous series “Origins.” This artist is definitely better at drawing details (something I faulted the previous one) however we’ve traded that now for confusing wide shots (which the previous artist excelled at). We’ll see if it’s a worthwhile trade as time goes on.

This clearer and more detailed style does sometime draw you out of the story as you have trouble believing your supposed to be reading about Jeffrey Dean Morgan. However, the writing brings up his name and is spot on enough that eventually it comes together to convince the reader that you really are reading about John.

The writing style itself is a joy as the plot flows smoothly from dialog to John’s journal/his inner thoughts and the writer has really captured the voice of John Winchester as you can almost hear JDM saying these lines in your head.

What about the plot? Looks like they are going to make up for season 3 some by letting us watch John investigate his wife’s family as we saw Sam doing. It’s also packed full with a hunt, the loss of a job (placing this before he and Dean started credit card scamming) and the journey on the road itself (hotels, diners, etc).

Finally, a definite improvement with this series is that we actually get to see John do some hunting and become the bad-ass everyone feared in season 1. In fact, we’re going to add a feature to these reviews called:

John’s Body Count:
1 wolf/beast
X+1 succubi. (yes, this issue does have succubi in it, do you need more reasons to pick it up?)

So how did the first issue start off?

An excellent one. Now let’s see if the comic can hold this goodness throughout all 6 issues.

Hunt well.


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