As you know, I quite loved Decipher’s Lord of the Rings trading card game. Now that it’s finished, their new project is titled “fight klub” and will allow various intellectual properties to duel each other. Hmmm…. allowing various shows, movies etc to participate in one game? That’s a great idea. And the LOTR TCG was a great card engine. Let’s run down fantasy road and see what properties would have been fun additions to the game.

First, the game’s basics:
Your deck is made up of “good guy” cards and “bad guy” cards.  On your turn you play the former, on opponent(s) turns you play the latter.  Good guy cards added a resource to a common pool which bad guy cards removed for their costs.  Finally, your group of heroes traveled from one location to another (represented by “sites”) until they reached the end (unless the bad guys killed or corrupted the macguffin-bearer).

Eragon – No surprise here. Since the story rips off LOTR anyway, of course the imitation will work with the game. Now let’s think about it no more.

World of Warcraft – Since the actual card game ended up ripping off Magic: The Gathering so much, I’m surprised they didn’t try just ripping off LOTR since it would have worked better. Players would get to form a “party” and explore Azeroth and beyond. Rather than “shadow” cards, opponents get to play “mobs” that try to make things difficult. There could even have been shadow cards that allowed the player parties to fight each other in a PvP style. A game more fun and faithful to the source no?

InuYasha – With all due respect to Upper Deck and their InuYasha TCG, the LOTR game engine better captures the feel of the show in my opinion. After all, you have a part with a “Jewel Bearer” (ring-bearer) exploring various locations (sites). Instead of the twilight pool, we could even have the “shard pool”. Actions the good guys take gather shards (add to the pool) and actions the bad guys take steal shards (take from the pool) as a cost.

What properties do you think could play well in this engine?


2 thoughts on “LOTR TCG Tie In

  1. Need I say more?
    1) Elves are immortal in both.
    2) Elves are “heading into the west” in both (LOTR at least gave us a reason, waiting for one from Inheritance).
    3) Elves are antagonistic to dwarves in both (again, reason in LOTR, not in Inheritance so far)

    So far, the only reasons for Inheritance to do the above is that Tolkien did it first.

    If you want dragon stories, go read some Naomi Novik. 😉

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