Cure for Hellatus – #1 Supernatural Magazine

Sorry for the lack of posting of late, I’ve been out of town for a few days. However, the time was not wasted as, low and behold, I found the first issue of the Supernatural mag at a store. So how was this debut?

Regulars – A little different this time because the magazine is just starting out, so one regular feature (ask Kripke) is a full feature this time. So without counting that, how were the rest? The Colt was the featured weapon (always a plus) and the top 5 was… “motel rooms of shame!” That’s awesome. Director’s Cut is none other than Kim Manners! Wow. Talk about starting off with a bang. What’s with the posters? Gasp! The Impala! With just the regulars starting off with a 5, how can the rest of the issue measure up?


Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles: To Hell and Back – 6 pages detailing the two stars getting their roles, interesting character details and more. It’s a lot more fun than those kind of articles have any right to be. Read it to give yourself a leg up in any Supernatural trivia contest and this gets a 5.

Eric Kripke: Lore and Order – How the creator came up with the idea and got the whole thing running. Like “Ask Eric” in the regulars, but 5 whole pages and packed with trivia too. Making the whole magazine worth its cover price gives this section a 5.

Life in the Fast Lane – Is it… yes! It is a FAQ on the Impala! These 4 pages would deserve a 6 if I was willing to violate my stern grading system. So we’ll have to endorse it as a magnificent 5.

Alona Tal: Natural Born Hunter – Interview with Jo Harvelle that stretches over 4 pages (though 2 of those are a spread – nothing wrong with that though ;-)). Pretty interesting and gives you some filmography to better stalk find more of her work. Still, not a huge fan of Jo and too much of it seems set up just to show off her curves, have to give it a 4.

Katie Cassidy: A Touch of Evil – 5 page article on another blond hottie. Kind of interesting but nothing too exciting. If you’re a big fan of Ruby, add another salt shell, otherwise I’m giving this a 4.

Then and Now: The Story so Far – Recaps and synopsis of some of the show’s most important episodes. Also has an extra bit of humor as the starting and ending pictures of the brothers shows just how much this job has aged them in the couple of years they’ve been doing it. Not a bad 6 page filler, but only needed if you don’t have dvds. I can only give it a 3.

Collision Course – Article on the show’s special effect team. Which is awesome. Need I say more? It’s a well earned 5, read it for yourself!

And the issue rounds out with a bit of gear and the reader survey, neither of which is up for ranking. So how did this issue do? Well the numbers round out to 4… but there’s a poster and FAQ on the Impala! Sure there are a few missteps but if I had to advise any fan (casual OR hardcore) to pick up just one issue, it’d have to be this one. So we’ll give it just enough of a bonus to rank this issue at…

Need I say more? Go find this issue and buy it.

And may your hunt for it go well…


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